Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Mysterious Vacancy

part of why this video came up is because it points out the great quantity of land lost to roads.  our team likes the way this kind of altered reality can draw attention to gigantic urban-design moves we tend to take for granted, like an ugly-ass 17-lane highways.  it's also just super freakin' cool :)
McNabb Studio

Wooden Towers. Aggregate Cities.

What the Cell?!

Our guest Nick McClintock, M. Arch 600 and Social-Impact-Design-symposium guy reminded me of this little gem.  When working on Soak It Up, I bumped into CUP's "Sewer In A Suitcase" concept- it's a cute origami-like fold-out pop-up city sewer system meant to interest city school kids in the universe of pipes that handle all the stormwater in a city and how their actions can affect it.  very brilliant.

CUP is basically our class as a nonprofit.  All they do is crank out clever campaigns.  Some favorites include:

What the Cell?
Participatory Budgeting
Know Your Lines (Why Redistricting Matters)
What Is Affordable Housing?  (a physical toolkit)
The Cargo Chain (those big shipping cranes explained)

The Water Underground.

Will totally bring these guys up in class.  CUP rocks!

- j